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I think that I have discovered the importance in having the day after a trip be a day for reflection and regrouping. Today is a “Professional Day” for me on my calendar. This is a day each month when I work away from the office and I use it for planning or studying or refocusing myself. I am very grateful that my schedule has worked this way this week. So far I have been able to record my thoughts from my trip to Duluth. I have also benefited from having an opportunity to regroup and do some planning for the immediate future. I think that I am going to be sure to try and create a similar situation associated with all my trips.


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  1. I like both ideas — a day after a trip for reflecting, and a “Professional Day” once a month for planning. I’m having such a hard time right now doing anything beyond the immediate. Part of that is due to stressful things in my personal life, but part is a lack of a space/time/something for planning. What do you do on your professional day? Where do you go? Space is very important to me, so finding the space that matches the activity helps me to do the activity.

    • Each month my activities on my professional day varies depending on what I feel I need to accomplish. Some days it is sitting and doing planning, others are consumed with reading, others are researching new ideas or resources, some days are spent in prayer. So like you said, it depends on what I need to accomplish as to where I take my professional day. I probably hang out at Starbucks in Des Moines most of the days. Today was a Starbucks, trip to the mall to walk and observe, and then back to Starbucks. I have sat by a pond to read. I have found a park to brainstorm in.

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