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It was announced this week that the the football game between Iowa and Nebraska will be called the “Heroes Game”.  I found this rather intersting as we began a journey that may create a new football rivalry.

In a blog post I was reading this morning, the writer had interviewed some of the current Hawkeye football team that many in the state consider to be heroes.  He asked them about the heroes in their lives.  A few commented on their mothers, others made reference to historical figures such as President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.  One did refer to his father.  A common thread in their explanations as to why those named were heroes seemed to consist of thoughts such as:  they went beyond the norm, they gave to benefit others, they stood for what they determined was “right”, they took stances that may have appeared unpopular.

All of this lead me to ask the question, “Who are my heroes?”  As I examined that I thought of individuals that seemed to offer themselves for the benefit and advancement of others.  Some of these individuals were people of faith but others I have no knowledge of their faith convictions.

Throughout Scripture, we tend to identify biblical figures that have hero-like qualities; individuals like Moses, David, Joshua, Abraham, Peter, and of course, Jesus.  Some of these individuals carried out actions in dangerous situations.  Some offered themselves as leaders in the service of God.  Some even sacrificed themselves for the benefit of others.

So my question for my readers this morning is:  “Who are your heroes?  And why?”


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  1. Hi Jim! I am going to forward you the last sermon I gave…entitled “Superhero Savior”. You might find it interesting considering your current update. Glad to see you blogging again, I’ve subscribed!

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