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A recent discussion with a colleague from Minnesota contained a truth that I have spent the last few days trying to unpack.  I decided today that it would be good to share with my readers the thoughts that I have unpacked so far and that I would invite you to be part of that process.  The challenge is that there are so many ways to begin this discussion that determining the “right” starting point is difficult.  So I hope that you will follow along and  join in on this journey realizing that I may be starting at the wrong place and I really am not sure how we are going to actually reach the final destination.

So here is where I have decided to begin — what do we mean when we say that we are going to “unpack” something?

As many of you know from an earlier post, I had returned from a trip to Duluth, MN on Wednesday evening.  Part of my task on Thursday morning was to unpack the suitcase and put items in their proper place.  I needed to make sure that dirty clothes were put in the laundry basket so that I could wash them on Monday.  I put the clothes that I took and never wore (I think I tend to overpack but always justify it as saying I must be able able to adapt based on weather and unforseen activities) back in their respective places in the drawers and closet.  Anyone that travels probably does something similar.  Well, I think this is a starting point in understanding what is meant when the term “unpack” is used in regards to concepts, thoughts, and feelings.

So when I indicated earlier that I have spent the last few days trying to “unpack” a portion of a discussion that I had with Robyn Weaver in Duluth, MN, that is what I am referring to.  I have tried to review aspects of the conversation around a theology of love and determine what is the right thing to do with those thoughts and where they might properly belong; just like when I unpacked my suitcase.

This is the journey that I now invite you to accompany me on.  An unpacking of what Robyn and I may have meant when we mentioned the phrase a theology of love.  What is the basis of such a theology?  What do the terms in the phrase mean?  How does this approach impact our faith walk?  All these questions and more will be reviewed over the next few blog posts.  As always, I invite and encourage your comments, thoughts, and questions.


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