Theology of Love – Part 2   Leave a comment


Today I pick up where I left off on Saturday….

Now that we have dealt with the issue of unpacking something, I want to deal with a key word in our phrase Theology of Love; the word – Theology. gives this definition for the word:

“the field of study and analysis that treats of god and of God’s attributes and relations to the universe; study of divine things or religious truth; divinity.”


My attempt at putting the definition in a more succinct manner is:  “Trying to understand God.”  (You can definitely see why some people spend a life time engaged in this form of study.)

What this means is that anyone who takes the time to study Scripture, grapple with the questions concerning God, and striving to come to some conclusions or answers, is a theologian.  You do not have to have a specific degree, you do not have to engage in a formal mode of study, you do not have to have all the answers.  If you are on a quest to get to know and understand God better, you are a theologian.

So when we use the word theology we need to understand that it may be in reference to something as simple as seeking answers to questions in regard to God or something as complex as developing a viewpoint (hermeneutic) regarding who God truly is.  We also need to realize that as we are dealing with the questions regarding God, we either deliberately or unconsciously are developing a viewpoint.  The viewpoint we develop impacts the way that we view life, other individuals, our faith, and the choices that we make.

In our phrase theology of love, the word theology is being used in a manner to indicate a viewpoint.  But that viewpoint is shaped out of my understanding of who God is based on my searching for answers.


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