Theology of Love – Part 3   Leave a comment

Deus Caritas Est

Now that we have the words defined and we are at a similar starting point, it is time to talk about what this phrase theology of love means to me as a thoughtful believer.  As my colleague pointed out last week, 1 John 4:8b says, “because God is love” (NIV).  Trying to understand who God is, we find this phrase as the writer is telling the people that if we love, we know how God is.

I would challenge you to take a long look at the whole of Scripture.  We often say that through the Word God reveals God’s self to us.  Now this applies to both the inspired Word (Scripture) and the living Word (Jesus Christ).  If you look at the whole of the Word, I would argue that you cannot help yourself from coming to the conclusion that God is love.  God continues to demonstrate love for humanity and all creation in everything that God does.  The continuous attempts at reconciliation are acts of love.  The endless providing for and building up of humanity are acts of love.  The ultimate expression of love is found in the providing a Savior through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

This has huge implications for us as we interact with the Lord, with one another, and with the whole of creation.  If the starting point for our understanding of who God is is found in love.  Than anything that stands opposed to or speaks against love is against God.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to define this concept of love.

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