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When I decided to begin a new blog, I found myself taking a much different approach than I did with my first blog.  I am hoping that is because I realized that some of my methods fell completely short and resulted in me ending any type of regular blogging.  I decided to take some time to consider what direction this new blog would take.  I put thought into the content and focus of the blog (thanks to a great tutorial provided by WordPress).  I spent time considering what the name of the blog would be and how that would invite individuals to check it out.  I even changed the hosting site for my blog.  I decided that I had to be very deliberate about when I was going to write my blog post and include a time in my day when I would isolate myself to write.  One of the other choices that I made was that I would try to become more aware of the connection of my faith and events of my daily life.  I must admit that the decision to become more aware is proving to be the most difficult aspect so far.

I do not think that I am terribly different from most people in one aspect – I often get so caught up in the routine, I don’t put a lot of thought into the daily living.  Like many of you, I am pretty active.  I seem to thrive on activity.  So my schedule is usually very full and I need to remain on the move and steaming through my “to-do” list.  I also have discovered that I am the type of person that benefits from routine because it helps me make sure that I don’t forget something.

An example of the value of routine for me are my morning rituals.  After waking up and working out (except Saturday and Sunday), I take my shower.  My activity in the shower is always the same.  I get out of the shower and proceed to shave and take care of other personal care items, again it is always in the same order.  Then I go downstairs and have a routine that includes making coffee, taking medications, making toast, getting cereal, eating and reading the paper (always in the same order).  That is followed by filling the dog’s water bowl and food bowls if needed, putting up the flags, grabbing my coffee to go, getting my computer and keys from my home office, and heading out the door to go to the office.  This routine works very well for me.  But if anything disrupts this routine (which we all know is bound to happen from time to time), I usually find myself forgetting to do something.  Maybe some of you have similar experiences regarding the routines of my life.

Now I share all of this because of the problem that I have encountered with becoming aware of the faith/life connections each day.  I believe that it is so easy to become accustomed in our routines that we go on autopilot basically.  We are in the motions but there really is not a much of a thought process.  When I am in autopilot mode, I am definitely not aware of much of anything unless whatever it is causes me to come out of autopilot mode.

So I am finding that I need to be deliberate about becoming aware.  I need to develop a new pair of lenses to look at life through so that I can see those connections.  This is going to require discipline, as all new habits do.

What are your experiences with overcoming the autopilot mode?  How do you deliberately find those connections between faith and life?  Please share your stories so I, and possibly others, can learn and grow.


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  2. If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.

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