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The Bible

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My morning devotion today including reflections on the use of the Bible.  It emphasized the importance of getting into the Word.  This led me to think about the number of times I read the words in the Bible (or many other books/publications) and that is the extent of what I do.  In some ways, instead of engaging with what I am reading, I actually disengage.  I just read.

The Bible was never intended to be just words on the page.  It was intended to convey a story; the story of how God has chosen to interact with humanity.  The story of the Bible is much like any other story that we read.  If we do not put ourselves in the midst of the story, it can seem boring and lifeless.  However, if we truly place our self in the lives of the people and the plot of the story, we can experience amazing aspects of the story.

So today, I recommit to be deliberate about spending time engaging in the Word.  I will strive to place myself in the midst of the story so that it may truly come alive to me.

How do you engage with the Bible?


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