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Yesterday was my semiannual visit to the dentist office.  I am happy to report that I  had no cavities and only received a mild lecture on making sure my brush got everything at the gumline.  I dread going to the dentist, not because it is painful or they usually find something that needs more work, but because I have to sit there for about an hour with my mouth open while Mary cleans my teeth.  (I know some of you find it hard to believe that having my mouth open that much should be an issue for me.)

As I sat in the chair, I was thinking about the importance of getting that built up tartar off my teeth.  It truly makes my teeth feel better but as Mary points out, it helps keep my gums healthier which should lead to healtheir teeth.  The time and diligence that Mary puts into scraping the tartar off is amazing.  I truly don’t know if I could do that day in and day out to hundreds of teeth in hundreds of mouths.  But the importance of having that done was not lost on me yesterday.

This lead me to think about the tartar in my life.  What are those things that are built up and cause unhealthy situations in my life?  What are the things that I need to take the time and give diligence to scraping off?  If I am going to live a healthy life, I need to regular look at the aspects of my life and remove the “tartar” so that my gums (or foundation) of life can remain healthy.  Much like the need to have healthy gums and roots for teeth, my life requires me to have a healthy foundation.  If the foundation is unhealthy, then it will be easier for cavities to form in my life.

So just like I try to make it a point to brush my teeth twice daily, floss daily, use tartar control toothpaste, and a mouth rinse, in order to keep my teeth healthy, I need to use tools to keep my life healthy.  That is why I think it is so important for me to have my regular times of prayer each day, to have my regular time to read Scripture each day, and to use the tools the Lord has provided to remove  the tartar of life.

What tools do you use?  How do you remove the tartar in your lives?


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