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W126 S-Class driver's seat with SRS airbag.

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One of the most irritating aspects of driving with others in the vehicle is when someone from the back seat (or even shotgun seat) starts giving you driving instructions.  Now it may be beneficial if you are just starting to learn to drive and the person is a driver’s education instructor or parent, but when you have been driving for a number of years, it is just annoying.  I want to say to the person, “I’m in the driver’s seat so let me drive and you just enjoy the ride.”  The only other exception to this is if the person is serving as your navigator on the trip (at your request).

Today I have been thinking a lot about the location of individuals in the car.  Not just any car but the car that navigates me through life.  Truth is, I have not been actually thinking about the vehicle in my garage that I drive but instead about how I navigate through life.  Who is steering me through my life?  Who is my navigator?

As I ponder this, I am led to question where I allow the Lord to be in my life.  I declare him Lord of my life but do I let him take the driver’s seat of my life.  I often find myself relegating the Lord to the back seat.  I hear the Lord sharing driving tips and some directions but more often than not, I get irritated with the Lord’s backseat driving and want to tell him that I am in the driver’s seat and he needs to just sit back to enjoy the ride.  On occasion I may even let the Lord move to shotgun and give me navigation information.  But seldom do I ever allow the Lord to have the driver’s seat.

What would happen if I rode shotgun or in the backseat?  What if I truly allowed the Lord to be my driver through life?  How many of those potholes would I not have to encounter?  How many times would I not get lost?  Would there be less detours?

Often as individuals and as the body of believers, I think the Lord gets placed in the backseat.  I don’t think that we allow the Lord to be the driver of our lives or our organizations.  I don’t think that the our declarations of who is lord of our lives actually are seen as a reality of our lives.

What would truly happen if the Lord became the driver instead of sitting in the back seat time and time again?


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