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Image by Chazz Layne via Flickr

I love working the word puzzle Jumble.  There is something about the challenge that just gets my mind going in the morning.  I really became connected to this challenge through a friend that I met in the coffee group that I usually spend time with each morning.  Chris Adams taught what a joy it can be to complete the puzzle and have the answers.  Before Chris moved to Arkansas, each morning the whole table of individuals would work the puzzle.  Today, we revived that tradition for the first time in a long time.  And yes, we solved the puzzle together.

I observed some very interesting realities as we worked this morning’s Jumble puzzle.  First, everyone approaches it a little differently.  We discussed how sometimes you can look at a jumbled word and the right word just pops out at you.  Some people look for specific letter order.  Some people need to write down different letter combinations.  My approach to coming up with phrase that answer’s the day’s question is to unjumble each of the invidual words, and then write those letters down, and un-jumble those.  Today, we had one word that we just couldn’t unscramble.  So one of the group members wrote down the letters we already knew and we worked at identifying the phrase at the end.  Once we had the phrase, we knew what letters we needed to have in the circles in the word we weren’t able to unscramble.  (This also helped identify that a word I had unscrambled was not the right word and we were able to correct that…. my bad!)  With the letters identified, we were able to unscramble the fourth word and the puzzle was complete.

All of this led me to remember something I already knew — there is more than one way to achieve what your working toward.  I think that is what is amazing about the Lord’s design of creation.  The Lord gave each of the creatures, including humans, their unique design.  By combining these unique creatures, there are multiple ways that things are accomplished.  It also means that the path chosen may vary depending on the combination of those involved.  Isn’t it cool how the Lord created so many different possibilities!

I think that what I walked away from this mornings exercise of puzzle solving with was the reminder to appreciate the differences that the Lord has designed into creation.  I also was reminded that there is more than one way to achieve a goal and I need to be open to exploring different ways.


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