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Image by leodelrosa... via Flickr

Have you ever noticed what an impact laughter has on your day?  Today I saw a post by my nephew on Facebook that I decided to take the time to investigate.  He posted a video that featured John Stamos and Bob Saget.  The video caused me to laugh and so I shared it with others.  Why did I decide to share it?  What is it about laughter that causes us to share it?

For me, laughter helps reorient my day.  Some days I have a lot of serious aspects that I am dealing with.  I find that I can easily become pretty bogged down.  It seems that when I spend a lot of time in the “serious” I find myself struggling with a sense of exhaustion.  I also can have mood shifts that cause me to be irritable.  I may even disengage from interactions because I am spending so much time and energy processing the “serious” aspects of life.  So laughter helps me climb out of the “seriousness” of my day(s).

I think it is important to share those things we run across which cause us to laugh.  Many times we may not even know that someone is stuck in the seriousness of life when we choose to share the laughter.  However, what we share may truly be the release mechanism, the re-orientation that they so desperately need.

So thank you Lord for the gift of laughter.  It has amazing and wonderful power.


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