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Water in Cub Run flowing over and around rocks...

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Have you ever thought about the impact that water has?  As I am sitting in my office this morning, it is raining outside.  Every time it rains, I can hear the water running off the roof of the building and through a rain spout that is mounted on the corner of my office.  Today it made me think about the impact of water.

Water can have a positive and a negative impact.  Without water, living creatures (humans included) could not sustain life.  Water is one of those necessary elements of life.  It produces growth.  It refreshes and revives.  Have you ever noticed how grass, trees, and plants grow significantly after a rain or heavy dew.  In the spring, it seems that grass remains brown and trees fail to bud until that first rainfall.  If a thunderstorm arrives, the new growth seems even more prominent.

The negative side of water can also be seen.  Too much water produces floods which can destroy human-made structures, wipe out stands of trees, and move soil long distances.  This is evident in the floods of early summer in Western Iowa and the current floods along the East coast.  Water can wear away at rocks and can even cause crevices in stone over time.

The lack of water can also have a negative impact.  The State of Texas is dealing with huge wild fires and extreme impacts of drought due to a lack of water.

What power water truly has!

These thoughts of water have led me to ponder the Holy Spirit.  Much like the positive aspects of water in the life of creation, the Spirit has the same positive influences in our spiritual lives.  The Spirit feeds our spiritual life.  We cannot sustain that life without the Spirit.  The Spirit can refresh and revive us.

Water also is a great metaphor for the Spirit since like water, the Spirit moves in many different directions and flows over many aspects of our lives.  The Spirit has force like water has force in creation.  The Spirit can create crevices in hearts of stone.  The Spirit can flood a place and move people in directions they had never considered.

May the Spirit of the Lord feed your souls in a similar way as water feeds creation.


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  1. I do so enjoy reading your blog. Thanks, Donna

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