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Neighborhood Cat

Just hanging out

Meet Stewie, our neighbor’s cat.  Stewie seems to have adopted our whole neighborhood.  He especially likes my yard.  I think that it is because when he first arrived in the neighborhood he found out that he could torment my two dogs by sitting where they could see him and yet could not get to him.  He has two dogs that live in his house also so he has no fear of dogs.

I am a dog person by nature.  Stewie, however, is the type of cat that seems to grow on you.  I think he has even convinced my dogs that he is here to stay so they might as well get used to him.  I even have come to acknowledge Stewie as he lies on the grass of my yard, the sidewalk, next to my tree, and now even outside my office.

Stewie has caused me to think about a more laid-back life.  He doesn’t seemed fazed by much as he lays in the sun on cool days or the shade on hot days (with the exception of the time he got his tail caught in the railing of the steps at his home, he got a little stressed by that).  He communicates an attitude of I am here so you might as well accept me because I am not going to change or leave.  With this laid back approach to life, Stewie seems to have come to be accepted and even can bring a calming element to my day.

I think Stewie is a great example of how I should approach life and living in community.  Maybe if I was a bit more laid back some times, I could bring a calming effect to those around me.  Maybe if I was less concerned with always trying to gain acceptance, I could have fewer stress times.  After all, the Lord created me as the unique person I am.  I know that there is always room for improvement but since I am the Lord’s creation, I already start off to the good.

So while I am still a dog person….. thank you Stewie for being who you are as a cat and for giving me reason to reflect.


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  1. First time here. Awesome blog and great post. Well done.

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