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Today as I look out my office window I see the tree outside all adorned in the beautiful colors of fall.  This tree has a lot of messages for me today.  The first is the difficulty of capturing the real-life beauty of its colors in a photograph.  The picture that you I have included with this post is a picture of the tree.  However, no matter what angle I attempted to take the picture from, I failed to capture the level of beauty that I see with my own eyes.  The yellow of the leaves does not seem to be as brilliant in the photographs as it is when I look out my window.  This causes me to ponder how this truth exists in relationships.  Even though technology may provide great opportunity for us to connect with one another in amazing ways, those connections can never be as rich as when we are able to connect face-to-face.

The second message the tree communicates to me is one regarding the fleeting aspect of capturing life’s colors.  This tree is one of the first in the area to change colors.  However, it is also one of the first to lose all of its leaves.  Even now, I watch large numbers of leaves floating to the ground from this tree and it is not a very windy day.  I am led to think about how quickly the color in our life can fade away.  It creates in me a desire to capture and enjoy as much of that color as possible.  Our every day lives can become very monochrome in nature so we need to seek out the color of life and enjoy it to the fullest.

The Lord has created a beautiful world and placed colorful and beautiful people in it.  All of this has been created for our enjoyment and to remind us that beauty resides around us and in us.  It is very important for us to open our eyes and see the colors of life.  It is important for us to take the time to marvel at those beautiful colors and the way they enhance our lives.  I am drawn to give thanks to the Lord for such great color in my life.

May you find the colors of life and reveal in their richness and be dazzled as they swirl around you.


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3 responses to “Colors of Life

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  1. I think leaves are also a metaphor for our lives. In the spring they bud out and grow. As they fill out, they provide shade and places for other animals to live and grow or to be protected from the heat and the elements. Some die during the year from various disease and that death can come in any season. Then, in the fall, as winter approaches, they turn color. Some are prettier than others. Sometimes the wind blows them away early. And some keep their leaves well into the winter when the wind tries to blow them away but they hang in there until the new buds appear in the spring. With all of them, when they fall away, they nourish the tree and those that follow them. And, ultimately, they become but a fleeting memory quickly forgotten.

  2. Yes, praise God for all the colours surrounding us, also for so many beautiful flowers at this time of the year. I find thinking about taking photographs makes me more aware of these colours.

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