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It seems only fitting during the month of October that a post should have a title like the one today.  The truth is that this morning started out very foggy outside.  The fog seems to be lessening some in town but I am sure that it is still a bit thick in the countryside, especially in low-lying areas.  As I navigated myself to the fitness center early this morning, I was glad that I only had to go a short distance since all I could see was about a block ahead of where my car was driving.

The fog has led me to think about those days in my life where I seem to be navigating through a fog.  I am sure that others have experienced those days.  You know the ones, where it seems like you are moving but unclear about exactly where you are headed or what may lie ahead of you.  I really dislike those days in my life.  I think it is because I am pretty goal-oriented and fog-filled days make me feel far from efficient.  Sometimes those foggy days are caused by a lack of sleep.  Some of the days come about because of fighting a cold or allergy or some other illness.  Some fog days are due to emotional or job stress.  While there are others that are brought about because I suffer from a lack of direction that day.

Fog days also appear in my spiritual life as well.  There are times when I feel like I am wandering and my faith journey seems unclear.  I experience those days most often either after I have had a spiritual high or when my faith has encountered some situation or thought that chips at the foundation of my beliefs.  I do not like those foggy days any more than I like the foggy days of my daily life.

There are some important thoughts that help me make it through these type of days.  First, like the fog that will probably be gone by this afternoon outside, I know that the fog days of my daily and spiritual life have a limited existence.  I know that I will not remain in this state indefinitely.  While I am no better than the weather casters in predicting the exact point when the fog will lift, I know that it will lift.

Second, I know that I have a lighthouse that is willing to give me direction on my foggy days.  If I trust in the Spirit and the Spirit’s guidance, I will navigate safely through the fog.  The Spirit is capable of seeing where I cannot.  The Spirit knows what dangers exist in my day and will warn me of those dangers if I will take out my earplugs and listen for the foghorn alert.

So while there will be foggy days, I can take hope and comfort in knowing that I can navigate them and once again return to sun-filled days.  I hope that you will open yourself to experience the same.


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