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Early this morning we had a thunderstorm move through our area.  I greatly enjoy thunderstorms and since we needed the rain so badly, it was a double joy to hear the thunder, see the flashes of lightning and listen to the rain hitting the windows.  While I enjoy thunderstorms, my dog, Herky, is not such a big fan of them.  He actually has a great fear of thunderstorms.  So this morning, he jumped up in bed with me and I laid there petting him to calm him.

Herky’s fear of thunderstorms caused me to think about fear and how it impacts a person.  Each of us have different fears.  Some of our fears have to do with aspects of nature such as my great fear of snakes.  Some of our fears are connected to aspects of life such as not having enough money.  While still other fears have to do with death.  There are many different types of fears and very different levels of fear.  Our fears may change over time.

Fear has a positive side since it acts as a warning system in our lives.  Fear encourages us to take precautions.  It can lead us to avoid dangerous situations.  It can actually keep us from being harmed.

Fear also has a negative side.  It can paralyze us.  Fear can stop us from taking risks that will help us grow.  It can prevent us from taking actions that will move us to a better place in life.  That is why President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his famous speech, “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.”

What do you fear?  How does that fear benefit you?  How might that fear hamper you?  Do you need to overcome that fear?


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