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One of my favorite things about going to the ocean is to watch the waves crash endlessly against the rocks along the shore.  The power and majesty in the spray of the water can be quite spectacular.  I forget about all the scientific and factual aspect of what is taking place and just watch in awe as wave after wave comes crashing into the shore.

However, sometimes life can feel like an endless crashing of waves.  There are times I feel like I am one of those rocks upon which the endless cycle of waves keeps hitting.  These are times that it seems a challenge to keep standing.  You wonder if it would just be simpler to give into the waves and no longer try to make your stand.

It is during these times that I have to remember that I am not the rock but instead the bird sitting on top of the rock.  The rock is the Lord.  The psalmist writes about this rock.  We sing songs affirming that the Lord is the rock and refuge of our lives.  I sit on top of that rock and it is not me that needs to take the endless pounding of the waves but the Lord who is much stronger.  So while I can feel the spray of the water and know the waves are hitting, I can rely on the solid standing of the Lord to provide me the stability to endure.

Run to the Rock!


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