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This morning as I have come to the realization that we are in the last full week of October, I have been contemplating time.  Just yesterday I was in a conversation during which we commented on how fast this year seems to be going and the strange phenomenon that as we grow older, the years seem to go faster.  I have no understanding why time appears to go faster as we age but it is a perception upon which many people make comments.

Time seems to sweep us away.  When you take the opportunity to look back on time or when you stop and ponder what was happening even a year ago, it can be truly amazing how many changes take place.  There is a period of our lives when time seems to be standing still.  Then before you know it, time has moved so quickly that you don’t even have a chance to notice.

The movement of time can be very positive or it can be negative.  However, it is not the movement of time that has an influence but more how we perceive the transitions of life that have occurred during that movement of time.  Life is always changing, transitioning, transforming and evolving.  This occurs within the movement of time.  So often my view of that movement is dependent upon my view of the changes that have occurred during that period of time.

Time continues to move forward and truth be told, it is always at the same pace.  However our experiences throughout that forward motion impacts our perception of time and its influence on our lives.

Time is a curious thing…..  where will I find myself a year from now?  what will the world be like?  what will be my focus?  Only time will tell, and time is already moving in that direction.


Posted October 26, 2011 by thoughtfulbeliever in Experiences, Life

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