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Blu-ray Player

Image by /pitzyper! via Flickr

My DVD player in the living room at home is not always cooperative.  There are times that I will put a Blu-Ray disc into the player and it seems to freeze.  So begins a battle between the player and me.  I eject the disc, then reinsert it, then eject it, then reinsert it and try to get it to actually play the movie I want to watch.  Today, I experienced one of those battles and it lead me to ponder the concept of restarts in our lives.

Much like my DVD player, I believe that there are times in our lives that we are not the most cooperative or there are individuals and situations that are not the most cooperative.  There are times that we go through endless routines because we don’t seem to be able to get things right.  These experiences can be just as frustrating as the experiences that I have with my DVD player.

However, I am grateful for the opportunities to restart.  Having the chance to start again and to take another stab at it always is a blessing.  There are times that those restarts give me the ability to see things from a different perspective.  There are times that I am able to take a different approach that ultimately is more beneficial in the long run.  There are times when I discover something new about someone or myself.

In many ways, this is the reality of the grace that we receive from the Lord.  We are given the possibility of a restart every time.  I am sure the Lord also experiences the frustration that we do when we go through multiple restarts but that option is never taken away from us. 

What a great gift — life’s restarts.  May I use them wisely!


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