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Yesterday in my post I talked about turning pages and I gave one example of the pages of a book.  That led me to think more about books and stories.  Specifically I was thinking about our individual stories, how they intertwine and how they are part of THE story.

Imagine life as one large story.  The number of pages would be endless.  Who is the author?  Who are the characters?  How does the story line change?  If you view life as a story and that each of us are a character in that story, I think that opens a large variety of perspectives, questions, emotions, and options.  I find it intriguing how characters come and go in the story.  I find it amazing that I am only seeing a small section of the story.  I can see different chapters in the story.  I see the plot line change and develop and reduced and redeveloped.  I see my character role shift.  I become more important in the story at times and less important at other times.

An author and speaker that I love to read and hear is Brian McLaren.  He wrote a book entitled, “The Story We Find Ourselves In, which is the second in a series.  In his book, McLaren is pointing out that we each a character in THE story.  I agree with his statements and I find that a wonderful way to examine my life in the whole of life. 

So who is the author of this story?  As a Christians, I believe that God is the author of the story of life.  God creates each of us as characters in that story.  God helps us develop the plot and encourages the interactions among the characters.  God envisioned the story from the beginning and knows the ending.

The other helpful aspect of viewing life as a story is to acknowledge that there are multiple chapters.  Each chapter builds upon the ones before it.  That creates value to all those previous chapters.  Even though the plot, settings, and characters may change from chapter to chapter, they are all very important to the whole story.  Since we are in the story but also readers of the story, we can know the previous chapters, we live the current chapter, and we anticipate the future chapters (even though we may be surprised about the actual outcome of future chapters).

I believe that this is a valuable tool for looking at life, living through life, and adjusting to the changes of life.


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