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Today I have been thinking about the great value friends bring into our lives.  The Lord did not create us as creatures intended to be in isolation.  Instead, we are created to interact with one another.  There is a desire inside each one of us to be in relationship with others in some form.  Some of us are extroverts and reach out to others very readily.  Others are introverts and limit our connections to only a few individuals.  Either way, we need others in our lives.

This hold even truer when we are faced with a multitude of life’s challenges.  Whether it is an important decision that we have to make or a crisis that we are experiencing, the value of friends is abundantly clear.  Having someone who you can bounce ideas and questions off of.  Knowing that there is someone there that you can lean on or will just hear your thoughts and feelings.  These are valuable tools for facing life.

I don’t know how I would manage through life’s twists, turns, mountain tops and valleys if it were not for my friends.  Thank you to all the friends that have given me advice, that have listened to my joys and trials, that have just been there when I needed someone present.  Thank you to the Lord for continuously bringing these valuable people into my life.

Make it your goal today to reconnect with a friend, make a new friend, or at least show your appreciation to your friends.


Posted November 15, 2011 by thoughtfulbeliever in Life

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