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Have you ever noticed what a little difference laughter can make?  This week I have been mindful of the gift of laughter.  I have been fortunate to be in some situations where laughter has taken a rather somber or depressed mood to a more positive mood. 

After an opportunity to laugh, I find myself having more energy.  The challenges of the day appear bearable if I am able to be in a situation that causes me to laugh.  I really am not exactly sure what causes this difference, I can only observe that it happens.  Surely there is some scientific or medical person that can explain a release of some chemical in the body when laughter occurs but I am not one of them.  All that I know is that laughter generates a feeling that allows me to overcome many other feelings and challenges.

Maybe the reason for this is that laughter helps us to put our lives into proper perspective.  It is very easy for me to get weighed down with the many tasks, expectations, and problems in a day.  When something arises that causes me to laugh, I realize that those tasks, expectations, and problems are not all there is to life.  I receive a wake-up call that there is as much joy in life as there is these other things.  If I happen to be the cause of laughter, it also reminds me that I am just a normal person who makes mistakes, cannot accomplish everything in one day, and do not have to be the savior of the world.

So I encourage all of you who read this blog to find time to laugh today and every day.  You will be surprised how much farther you will go with a little laughter.


Posted November 16, 2011 by thoughtfulbeliever in Life

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