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As we are in the midst of yet another Thanksgiving week, I have been thinking about what I have.  I have come to the conclusion that the Lord has promised to provide more than I need and the Lord always does. 

The reality is that as a citizen of the United States, I live in a land of great abundance.  There has always been plenty natural resources, plenty of land, plenty of opportunity.  I am very fortunate to live in such a land.  Unlike my fellow human beings who live in lands that have a scarcity of space, a scarcity of tillable ground, a scarcity of resources, I have never truly had to be concerned about any of this.  I have been given a safe place to sleep, I have limited concern for my physical well-being, I have employment, and I have friends and family who fill in all my gaps.  Not everyone shares in those blessings.

So why does the Lord provide all these blessings?  First, it has nothing to do with my deeds and actions.  It has nothing to do with my status or my heritage.  It has nothing to do with my skills or intelligence.  Simply, it has to do with the fact that the Lord loves me and all of the people the Lord has created.  The Lord provides because the Lord loves us.  Not only does the Lord provide what I truly need, but the Lord provides an abundance which has purpose also.

My response to the abundance that I have been given is to share with others.  One of the means the Lord uses to provide is through me.  I need to be the method in which the Lord offers what others need.  How I use what the Lord has provided to me is important.  In my service and giving to others through ministries of groups, organizations, and hands-on activities, I am able to ensure that the needs of other people are met.  My response to the Lord’s provisions should be one of gratitude and service through the use of my blessings and talents.

So this Thanksgiving, I encourage us all to take note of how the Lord has provided and the abundance in those provisions.  Then respond with thanks, gratitude, and service to others.


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