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JoyWell, it is here, ready or not.  Yes, the Christmas season is upon me once again.  Like everyone else, I watch my calendar fill up rapidly and my “to-do” list grows exponentially each day.  This year, I decided to take a different approach than I have in past years — I have jumped into the Christmas season with both feet.  I decided that instead of procrastinating and pushing tasks back day by day, I would take them head on and try to complete them earlier than my normal.

So what have I accomplished?  Here’s my completed tasks list so far….

  • Purchased the Christmas cards that I send out to those in the church.
  • Began my Christmas gift shopping
  • Got almost all the Christmas decorations that I am in charge of at home put up
  • Planned out Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • Changed my cell phone’s background to my Christmas background
  • Changed my radio station in the car to the station that only plays Christmas music

Now, none of those items may seem amazing to you, but to me it is extremely amazing.  Especially since it hasn’t even been a week since Thanksgiving.  In a normal year, most of those items wait until the last-minute when I have no choice but accomplish them.

This caused me to start thinking about why I have decided to jump into Christmas with both feet.  I think it actually began in October when I decided it was time to get back into the routine of decorating the house for each of the holidays.  It started with Halloween.  The reason that I think I made this move was because I felt I was forgetting the joy of the holidays.  They had become just another day on the calendar to me; Christmas included.  I was not happy about this decoration so I decided to make a change.

I wonder if others have run into this experience?  I wonder if Christmas (and other holidays) have just become another day on the calendar.  Has Christmas become for you something that adds a whole lot of activities to the calendar and tasks on to the to-do list?  If so, you might want to consider making a change. 

If we lose the joy of Christmas, we lose the joy of why we celebrate.  We celebrate that God chose to become human and to live with us so that God might understand us and more importantly, that we might understand God in such new ways.  The idea that our Lord would take this action should be great cause for joy and celebration.  Christmas should not be a burden to us but something that fills us with the warmth and love of our Lord.

So pause a moment and determine what you feel in regards to Christmas (and our other holidays).  Are you filled with great joy or great dread?  Is it just another day or is it a celebration?


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3 responses to “Jumping In With Both Feet

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  1. Maybe it was something in the air! I have found myself MUCH ahead of the “giving season” as far as gifts are concerned. I’ve spent about 3 months creating a geneology cook book for each of my Grandchildren and each of our children… In doing this for them, I have been so blessed with the memories I’ve gotten to relive and give special thanks for them. With each family included, I’ve become more familiar with and grown in my appreciation of their contributions to who I am. I’m offering these same gifts to my family with a deeper satisfaction of this gift.

    Kinser Connie & Jim
  2. I think it is a phase that a lot of us go through – usually due to bad memories. Once the bad memories fade, then we can again celebrate the holiday with the child-like joy from the past. It sometimes takes time or a new experience to get past the baggage from these bad memories. Maybe next year I’ll decorate earlier and be more prepared for the holidays.

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