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This morning I ran across a spider web.  I spent a few minutes examining it.  As I stared at the web, I made some discoveries in the lessons that I was learning. 

The first lesson was the strength of the web.  I thought about how the web withstood the winds that we have been experiencing lately.  I examined what appeared to be very delicate strands but strands that endured some strong forces.  I thought about how appearances can be deceiving.  How something that appears delicate can have great strength that may not be visible until that strength needs to surface.

The second lesson involved the anchoring of the web.  I followed one of the strands with my eyes to the corner of the building on which it was anchored.  At the point of the anchoring there was an increased thickness to the web strand.  But I thought how important it was for those anchoring points.  The whole web could collapse if the strands were not solidly anchored.  It reminded me of the importance of having my own life strongly anchored.  Choosing where and to what I anchor my life is vital to avoiding a collapse.  I have chosen to anchor my life in the belief I have in Jesus Christ and what that belief teaches me about God.

The third lesson that I discovered involved the connectedness of the web.  When I touched one strand of the web, it impacted the whole web.  This lesson is important to understand the connectedness that we have with other people.  What happens to one person or how one person behaves, impacts all those that are connected to that person.  The closer and deeper the connection, the greater the impact.  Sometimes I forget this connectedness and I think others forget it as well.

The fourth lesson that I walked away with from my examination of the spider web was the amazement that I have for the creator.  As I thought about the work that went into creating the spider web, I thought about the spider itself.  How much care and effort the spider has put into its creation.  The intricate details that are so important for the success of the web’s continued existence.  This lead me to think about my Creator.  How deliberately God has put together all the details of life.  How God has connected my life with others.  How God has secured the anchors and established strength in the individual.

As I have said before, sometimes I forget to take the time to truly observe life.  When I do, I am amazed at the lessons that I can learn — even from a spider web.


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  1. My first thought as I began reading was, you just ran into one? I immediately thought you were in the sanctuary where we need to clean! Ha. I enjoyed reading your blog about the web and creator. Thanks for your insight into life! I love reading your blog!

    Laura Silverthorn

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