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One of the aspects of this time of year that I love so much is the reconnecting with friends that I may not have communicated with for quite a while.  Today I received an email from a very dear friend that I sadly do not do a good job of keeping in touch with.  He shared a little about what was happening in his life and told me about someone he ran into that knew me from one of my previous positions. 

It was terrific to hear from this friend and to reconnect with that time in my life.  So much has changed since I lived in Lincoln, NE.  Yet with his email, images and memories came flooding back to me.  Times of joy and times of struggle filled my mind.  I sat back and began thinking about my many acquaintances and friends that I interacted with along the way.

A great joy in reconnecting is realizing how many different roads that have led me to where I am today.  The events and people along the way have shaped me into who I am.  I recall the variety of jobs, the volunteer opportunities, the various experiences, and I smile.

Christmas time also provides for many of us a time to reconnect with the Lord.  Many people experience a draw to attend worship, to return to communities of faith, and to experience those feelings of warmth and love.  This adds to the joy in remembering how we have gotten to where we are.

So whether it is through Christmas cards, emails, phone calls, or visits, take the time this month to reconnect.  You will be blessed by doing so, I know I am.


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