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There are days when the Spirit places something in my mind that surfaces over and over.  On some occasions, I understand why the Spirit is giving me these thoughts but there are other times that I am baffled by them.  Today is one of those days when I am not sure what I am supposed to be receiving from the words the Spirit has placed in my mind.  Today I keep hearing the words from a song that I have known for a long time… “When you don’t understand, when you can’t see the plan, when you don’t see his hand, trust his heart.” 

These words are part of a song about trusting the Lord.  They deal with the difficulty that many of us have in figuring out why situations happen in our lives.  The song reminds us that even though it may not make sense to us, the Lord has a clear plan that is based on the Lord’s great love for us.  Even though we may experience difficulties and situations that are painful and/or confusing, we can rely on the Lord to direct us in the way that will bring about the greatest benefit to us and those around us. 

I have relied on this song’s words many times in my life.  The problem that I am having with those words surfacing today is that I am not currently experiencing any situations that are similar to the times I have turned for assurance from these words.  So I wonder if they are words for me or for someone who I will encounter today and that I will have a need to share the words with them.

So I guess I will have to just trust that the Lord has brought these words to the surface of my thoughts for a good reason today.  Maybe it is one of my readers that needs to hear these words.  Maybe someone will be coming into my office or I may encounter on the streets of town that need to hear these words.  Whatever the case, I know that there is great truth in the words.  So I will trust even though it may not make sense to me at this time.


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  1. What a wonderful reminder…especially for me. I do tend to become so focused on the problem that I forget God already has the solution….All I really need to do is “let go and let God”.. Thanks

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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