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Plate spinning , Brisbane, Australia

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Have you ever seen one of those performers who has the skill to keep multiple plates spinning on rods?  I have not had the opportunity to see it in real life but I have seen it on television many times.  I am often amazed by the skill it takes to accomplish such a task.  I am not even sure I could keep one plate spinning on one rod, let alone multiples of that chore. 

These thoughts came into my mind today as I contemplated life.  It seems that there are some great parallels between the performance of a plate spinner (not sure if that is their official title) and the day-to-day activities of my life.  I am sure that I am not the only one that seems to be trying to perfect the skill of plate spinning through life.  There seems to be so many activities and so many individuals to please.  Just when you feel some level of success in getting one or two or maybe even three plates spinning successfully, you are called to begin a two or three more.  Then of course, you are required to try to keep the original plates spinning while adding the new ones.

There are days that I am not any better at spinning the plates of life than spinning the real plates like the performers that I mentioned.  I find some success with one or two plates but then as I am working on another one, the first one crashes to the floor.  When one aspect or task of my life is spinning right along, another takes a dive.  It can get quite disheartening.

So why not just give up?  Well, because giving up would mean no chance at success.  I am sure that those plate-spinning performers had many plates crash before they ever found a level of success.  If they would have given up out of frustration, they would never have achieved the level of performance that I witness on television.  Even after achieving that level, I am sure there are times that the plates still do crash to the ground.  Like any achievements in life, there are many forgotten unsuccessful attempts before the noteworthy achievement occurs.  So giving up is not an option.

The other very important thing to remember when I am in the plate-spinning mode is that I am never alone in the work.  I have an advocate, a cheerleader, an assistant, and someone to clean up the crashed plates — the Holy Spirit.  Even though I may feel alone in my goal of keeping the plates spinning, I am truly never alone.  The Spirit is there to help me if I just accept the offer.

So if you are having one of those days when your plate spinning seems to not be going so well, call on your helper and just keep trying.  Success is already a guarantee because the Lord has won it for us.  Never give up!


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  1. ooooohhhhh yeah! and i have come to the conclusion God insists -every so often- that i just “be still and know that i am God” lessons that i often lose sight of..

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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