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I attended the funeral service of a colleague who was a truly amazing man yesterday.  Celebrating the life and the resurrection of this man was very meaningful and I learned a lot about his life that I was not aware of.  However, one of the meaningful aspects of attending that service was becoming aware of the connectedness of people. 

When I arrived at the church and began looking for a place to sit since I was alone, I looked for other colleagues and friends.  There were a large number of them present so I tried to identify ones that had space around them that I could easily slip into.  It took me only a few seconds to identify such a location and I proceeded to sit next to a group of friends and colleagues.  It was meaningful to be able to participate in the service sitting along side individuals that I respect and like very much.

After the service there was a reception where we could greet members of the family, enjoy fellowship and conversation.  I spent almost an hour in conversation with a large number of people.  As I was driving back to my office, I thought about how deeply connected we are as people.  I heard stories that lead to revelations of shared acquaintances, shared experiences in locations where we had previously lived, and shared visions.  I was again amazed at how our lives intertwine and only when we have opportunity to be in conversation do we truly see the multitude ways we are knotted together and overlap with one another.

Often times we may feel isolated and feel that we do not have much in common with one another.  However, experiences like I had yesterday and the revelations that came to me on my car ride, stand as reminders of how deeply connected we truly are.  So take some time to be in conversation with others.  Discover the connections that you have from your past experiences.  Discover the connections that you have in goals, aspirations, and dreams.  Discover the connections you have in relationships and hopes.  Who knows, if we did more of this maybe we would have fewer reasons to fight.


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  1. Beautifully stated, and so true.

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