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I was asked to respond to a question last night that gave me a reason to review my attitude toward my life.  The question was:  “Is there any area in my life where I am defeated?”  I paused awhile before I made a yes or no response.  I ended up writing down “No”. 

One of the significant reasons that I gave that response is because in my thinking about the question and what it implies, I decided that being defeated is often as much about attitude as it is about reality.  I may feel defeated at times but I regroup, assess my options, and then plot a course of action.  So in reality, I am not defeated but instead redirected.  As long as I am still capable of breathing and living, I am truly not defeated.

This attitude of overcoming or being the victor applies also to my faith.  I believe that in Jesus Christ the victory has already been given to me.  Since this is what I believe than it applies to all aspects of life on earth and life after death.  Through Jesus, death and sin and all negatives of this world have been defeated.  Jesus chose to share this victory with anyone who believes in him.  So since I believe in Jesus, I am not defeated in any area of my life.

What a great feeling it is to know that I cannot be defeated!  Now if I can just remember that when the challenges come my way!


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