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Times Square Ball

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Well, my vacation has come to an end.  So today is the first day back in the office and the first day in the office in 2012.  It is with mixed feelings that I sit at my desk once again.  I greatly enjoyed my vacation.  I didn’t go anywhere exotic or do anything profound but it was truly relaxing.  I did enjoy going to both a Hawkeye and Cyclone Men’s basketball game.  I spent time reading and I spent time with people I love and friends.  So I will miss all of that.  But I am also glad to be in a routine again. 

For me, my vacation time was a time of sabbath.  I must confess that I do not take much time for sabbath.  In fact, if you looked at my calendar for this month, you would see that it almost completely full.  This is one spiritual habit that I really stink at.  So I deliberately tried to make sure that I did not over plan my vacation time.  I slept most mornings as late as I wanted to sleep.  I went to bed when I wanted to go to bed.  I did everything at my own pace depending on my mood and what needed to be accomplished.

Funny, the Lord had some wisdom when establishing the sabbath.  Maybe I need to trust that wisdom a lot more.  I will work on that in 2012.

Now, I have a TON of catch up work to do so I better get at it.  Hope that all my readers have an outstanding 2012.  Invite others to follow my blog along with you and let’s see what thoughts come into my mind this year!


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