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I have lived in Iowa more years of my life than less.  In those years, I have been fairly accustomed to the weather patterns.  I have also discovered that as each year goes by, I like winter weather less and less.  So having only three 1+” snowfalls since November 1 has been a joy to me.  In addition to that, we have had average temperatures in the 40’s or higher most of this winter season.  Again, I am not complaining about that at all.  However, it does create a problem when a week like this one comes our way.

Let’s be honest, the weather that we are having this week is pretty normal for a week in the winter in Iowa.  The problem is that I am not at all prepared for it.  If it were a normal winter, we would have started seeing a decrease in temperatures in November and snow falls on a regular basis.  By December we would be accustomed to traipsing through snow, being bundled up, and dealing with temperatures in the 20’s and windchill in the teens or below zero almost every day.  January would arrive with more of the same but always the hope of the “January thaw” when we would have a few days in the 40’s.  But this has not been a normal winter.  I have no opportunity to be acclimated and prepared for the cold.

In life, there are times that these events for which we are not prepared come our way.  It might be an unexpected death of a loved one.  It might be a sudden job loss.  Or maybe it is a fire that destroys all we have.  There is no opportunity to prepare ourselves for such events.  We cannot ease into a new reality or be ready to deal with impact.  So what do we do with such situations?

The realization that the first major cold snap and potential on-going snowfall of the year occurring in January rather than late November brings hope to me.  I know that even if winter weather hangs on a little later into the spring this year, the overall period of time will be much shorter than what I consider norma.  My hope does not need to rest on a “January thaw” but on the inevitable arrival of a season change that most likely will occur within 2 or 2.5 months.  The big difference being that unlike the “January thaw” which only lasts a short time before we return to the bitter cold and snow, the season change means that I will not have to deal with winter again for at least eight or so months.

The hope for me in life situations that I described above is found in my faith.  I must be honest, I am not sure how individuals that do not have a belief in God and a relationship with Jesus Christ face such life situations.  My faith points me to a change of seasons of life as described by Jesus and the Apostle Paul.  I know that at the appointed time, I will change into a permanent “spring” of life.  A season when I no longer have to experience tragedies and heartaches.  A season when I no longer have to cope with the pain of life.  I am in preparation for that season.  The Lord is helping me to make the adjustments and slowly work into this new life that he is offering. 

So unlike my unpreparedness for the sudden arrival of winter to Iowa this week, I am becoming very prepared for the arrival of the new life in Jesus Christ.


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