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January seems to me to be a good month to do a little cleaning out.  So far this month I have cleaned out three file drawers at the office.  It is good to go through them and determine what to keep and what to get rid of.  It is always amazing to me what I have decided to keep around previously.  Some times as I sit there and go through the files the thought comes to me, “Why in the world did I decide to save this in the first place?”  The other reality that I discovered is that as technology continues to increase, the need to keep paper copies of various items seems to be reduced.  Now it becomes much more important to back up the items on my computers and other electronic devices.  The plus to that is it takes far less space to store a CD or flash drive than it does to have multiple sheets of paper and file folders.

But it isn’t just files that I am cleaning out.  I am also working at cleaning up my contact list on my phone and computer.  Part of the necessity for that is brought about by changes with Century Link (our internet provider) and a new way that I have to sync my contact lists.  Much like my experience with file drawers, this requires me to determine why I have various individuals in my contact file.  I also take the time to make sure I have the most recent information on the individuals that I choose to retrain.

All this is very time-consuming but I am certain that I will be very happy with the finished product.  I know that my administrative assistant will be much happier when I complete the file drawer cleaning.

I have been thinking this morning about how January may also be a good month to look at what in other aspects of my life might benefit from some “cleaning”?  I am going to take some time looking at the way I spend my time and determine if I can clean up some of that.  I am sure there are other areas that I can explore as well.  January is the start of another year so this is a chance to start with some cleaner space in life.


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  1. I’ve decided that 2012 is the year of de-cluttering. Files, closets, bookshelves, drawers. But first I’m starting with all the electronic clutter. Emails, passwords, files, various programs that I’ve saved things on like Readability and Instapaper. Seems like it never ends. But I like the idea of cleaning things out, physical, electronic, and time. A while ago I scheduled cleaning my house and having spiritual direction on the same day, because Friday was the day to clean both my house and my spirit.

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