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Today I went to the coffee shop that I frequent on almost a daily basis.  It is part of my daily routine.  I come to the office and work for about 20-30 minutes, I then put on my coat and walk the 2.5 blocks to the coffee shop.  Last fall, the place that I would walk to closed but another one has taken its place and it is the same distance just on another side of the block.  I have been doing this for approximately eleven years.  Over that time I have become part of a group that regularly gathers between 7:30 and 9:00 each morning with people coming in and  out of the group throughout those hours depending on their work and other commitments. 

This morning I was aware how grateful I am to be a part of the group.  Within this group there has developed various levels of friendship but I am confident that a majority of the group would be there for any other member of the group whenever needed.  In fact, I have witnessed occasions when that has been true.  How fortunate I am to be able to have good friends that I can start each of my days with and know that I can call on them whenever.

In addition to the great friendship, the coffee that we are able to share is of great quality.  The owners really care about their customers and do a lot to accommodate the various tastes and desires.  While I continue to make coffee at home, nothing is quite as good as when I go to the coffee shop and partake in their coffee.  Each morning I choose something a bit different.  Sometimes I go with the flavor of the day and other times I choose a latte but change the flavoring in it.  Whichever route I choose, I am always very satisfied with the taste and quality of the coffee that I select.  The coffee seems to accent the great friendships of the group.  Today we even were treated to free samples of their newest product, french silk bon bons. 

As if these two benefits were not enough, the conversation that occurs around the tables is also a great joy.  We seem to cover a ride range of topics with various levels of seriousness.  Some days the conversations are mainly humorous in nature with a lot of laughter around the tables.  Other days take on a more serious tone as we discuss local concerns, national concerns, and worldly concerns.  Still on other days, it is a mixture of both.  We sometimes find agreement, we many times find disagreement, but we always seem to part ways for the day still solid in our relationships.  The group is very eclectic so there are very wide ranges of views and perspectives that enter our conversations. 

Again, what a joy it is to have good friends, good coffee, and good conversation.  They each one compliment the other.  I hope that each of you find great joy in similar situations wherever you are.


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