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Sometimes it is important for me to be reminded that I am who God created.  This morning I was reminded that I need to be myself and not try to be someone else.  This means I need to accept myself with all the wonderful qualities that God placed in me, as well as the not so wonderful qualities that I have acquired. 

I know that we often hear that each of us are created as unique individuals with traits that no one else on earth possess in the combinations that we have.  Many times the image of a snowflake is used to create a visual image for us (although in our area, we have not seen many snowflakes this winter).  However, I am sure many are like myself and not very accepting of that explanation for why I am different from others around me.

I spend time looking at another’s physical qualities, or way of humor, or depth of knowledge and say, “Why can’t I be like …… ?”  I compare myself to others and see my shortfalls and my inadequacies.  So I put a lot of effort into trying to become like someone else.  I try to improve my physical appearance.  I try to mimic someone else’s humor.  I try to gather increased information.  I try to say the right words, carry myself differently, and act as another acts.  The results of all these efforts turns out to be failure much more frequently than success.

Then I am reminded, that I was created by God to be exactly who I am.  When God looks at me, the Lord does not see failure but success.  The gifts and abilities, my mannerisms, the way that I interact with others are part of the person that I have been created to be.  While I can polish those traits and strengthen the gifts, my goal should not be to replace them.  I am reminded of the words that were told to Esther in the Old Testament…. “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”  God has created me just as I am and placed me just where I am because I am what the Lord wants and needs at this particular time.

So instead of trying to be someone who I was not created to be, I think I will try to do a better job of being myself.  I will try to thank the Lord more for creating me as I am than try to be someone who I am not.


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  1. While I agree God creates each of us wonderfully unique, our humanness sometimes helps us excuse our faults with the claim of, “Oh well, this is the way God made me.” Equally important to recognizing the gifts and talents that God has given us is to ask, “Am I using my gifts as God would have me use them? Has God made me capable of more? How is God calling me to use my gifts today? Am I ignoring my faults because I refuse to see that there are parts of my life that I will not let God in?”

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