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A long time ago, I came to the awareness that the more I learn, the more I realize that there is a lot more for me to learn.  I am sure that I am not alone in that awareness.  I find that when I study some subject or read about some topic, I find many aspects that I need to study more or read more about.  It attacks what I believe is part of our human nature…. the desire to “know it all”.  This quest is much along  the lines of Don Quixote that seems a bit foolish since there is truthfully no end to the quest. 

This week, and especially today, I have seen this situation played out in terms of weather.  There are many brilliant minds who have done a ton of research and gathered endless amounts of data in the area of weather, or meteorology.  There are many other brilliant individuals who have developed tools to use the research and data so that predictions can be made in regards to what type of weather will occur in a specific geographical area.  In my lifetime, we have gone from hearing a weather forecast that is three-days out to one that is now eight-days out.  We have seen an increase in the ability to warn of potential weather dangers.  But even with all this fantastic scientific research and a large increase in abilities, it still comes down to the reality that all a weather reporter can do is give us probabilities.  There is no absolute certainty to what they tell use.  I have travel plans this weekend and so have been watching the weather predictions very closely.  In a matter of days, even hours, all of the predictions have changed dramatically.  Past experience tells me that even those predictions may turn out to be inaccurate.

Weather forecasting is not the only area in life that uncertainty still exists even though a quest has been taken to increase knowledge and skills.  This truth can be seen in the areas of medical science, physics, space exploration, construction, farming, and yes, even theology.  In fact, the more that we proclaim to know about God, the more we discover we do not know about God.  Over the years when Christians have proclaimed certainty in what they find Scripture to say, we later discover that there is more and the more we discover, our understanding of God, relationships with God, relationships with  other humans, and what God wants us to do have all been altered.  So I, and other Christians, continue to study and to seek new understanding just as a scientist or physician or farmer or educator would.  Each new discovery gives me new insight into my Lord and into my living out my faith in my Lord.

So as a Christian, I am on a quest of discovery.  I am convinced that I will never know with certainty everything that I want to know.  This side of eternal glory, there will always be new revelations, new knowledge, new understandings.  The only certainty that I can declare without waiver is…..  The Lord loves me and desires to be in relationship with me for all of eternity.


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  1. My fervent prayer has always been that I never lose my curiosity and my focus to learn….

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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