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Recently in my reading, I have read stories of people doing amazing and inventive things.  As I read, I am intrigued regarding what led them to head in those directions and how they were able to achieve success.  One of the reoccurring themes that comes to me as I read these stories is that the people involved have chosen to think beyond the structures and the norms that are in place around them.  They have chosen to break through the perceived limitations and that has given them the freedom to go in directions and take actions that were not previously in their scope of thinking.

A key to breaking through limitations for me is realizing that many of the limitations that I perceive are limitations that I place on myself.  Whether I have been conditioned or I have formed these limitations on my own, the truth is that many limitations are not as real as I perceive them to be.  The first step in reducing the limitations around me is to truthfully examine the source of those limitations. 

While I have never bungee-jumped, the concept of the act provides for me a visual picture of how to break through the limitations.  First, I believe that it is important to have some sort of tethering device.  The bungee-jumper does not just jump from a bridge or high place, they have the bungee as a tether so that when they reach a potential crashing point, there is something to pull them back.  In limitation breaking that is important as well.  It would be very easy for me to dive off with a sense of a new freedom and if I don’t have a tether, I will crash and burn or at least go way off course.  There are people in my life whom I trust and who can be a great tether for me.

Second, I must have the strength to overcome my fears.  I can imagine that the first time someone stands on the edge of a bridge and is about to jump, there is a huge amount of fear or apprehension in their minds.  They must have the strength to overcome that fear and to jump.  Limitations provide a sense of security for me.  When those limitations are removed, it can be very scary because there is a lot of “unknown” that remains.  So I need to have the strength to overcome that fear and make the move outside of my perceived limitations.

If I stay inside the bounds of my perceived limitations, I will be somewhat safe and I will have some level of survival.  But if I want to grow and be a part of some very amazing, life-changing experiences, I will need to break through my perceived limitations. 

The final thing I must remember is that I always have a safety net…… the Lord.  Even if what I try outside of my perceived limitations fails, the Lord is ready to catch me and to set me on the path once again. 

So my challenge for myself and for each of my readers is this….. Are you ready to break through your perceived limitations?


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2 responses to “Breaking Limitations

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  1. like the idea of going out of my comforst zone – but…saying the Lord is going to be there when he never suggested you go there in the first place…a bit dicy I think…what is your “c” plan?

  2. Soooooo I really do need to get out of the boat and not just talk about it…….hummmmm interesting and a bit scarey!!

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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