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The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

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Today I attended a Social Phonics boot camp.  We spent the day discussing a social media philosophy, Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube.  There were references to other social network and blogging tools and techniques throughout the day.  What it really brought home to me was the impact that social media and the internet really are having on the way that we communicate the message of Jesus Christ.

Many of us have spent portions of our lives trying to share the message of grace, love, promise, and hope with others in our specific locations.  However, the introduction of the internet and the birth of social media now have loosed the bounds of our physical beings.  We no longer are confined to share and discuss the message of the Lord based on our location.  We no longer even have to travel to another location to interact and engage with people.  We now have the ability to minister and communicate God’s love to anyone in any part of the world.

This reality is both very liberating and very scary.  It is challenging and humbling.  The reasons that I feel all of these feelings are contained in this new reality are these:

  • Liberating because I no longer am confined to one location as I try to communicate the Gospel.
  • Scary because I have to make sure that the message that I share is truly the message the Lord has given.
  • Challenging because I no longer have an excuse for not communicating the Gospel, i.e., I cannot just pick up and move to (fill in the blank).
  • Humbling because I am still trying to work out what the Lord’s message means to my life as I am trying to share it in a way that means something to other people’s lives.

I truly find this reality as being very exciting.  I now will spend tomorrow trying to make sense of all that I have learned today and try to put it into motion in how I communicate the Gospel.  It is a whole new world, I’m eager to go see how the Lord will use me to communicate in it.


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