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I enjoy drinking coffee but I know individuals that do not like the taste of coffee at all.  Many of them tell me that they find the taste too bitter.  I can understand that because when I first started drinking coffee, I had to have it full of cream and sugar to hide the bitter taste.  Even now I am not a fan of dark roasted coffee because it tastes too bitter to me.

I thought about the bitterness of coffee this morning because in recent days I have witnessed the impact of another type of bitterness.  This bitterness does not have anything to do with taste but instead with the feelings individuals have between them.  Sometimes the bitterness flows both ways and at other times it is just one person that has bitterness.  In some situations, this bitterness does not even have to do with the relationship between the two individuals but is a carry over from some unpleasant aspect or experience of an individual’s life.  The other individuals may just be the “lucky” recipient of the manifestation of this bitterness.

The reality of bitterness is that it really has no positive value.  It does however seem to have a lingering effect.  Think about what occurs when you taste something bitter.  Doesn’t that bitter taste seem to linger in your mouth for a period of time?  You may even choose to drink something in an attempt to wash the bitterness away.  The truth can be said about bitterness of feelings.  When bitterness is directed toward a person or exists between people, it has a lasting effect.  Many times that bitterness can also have a lasting impact on others who are indirectly associated with the situation.

The sadness that I feel when I experience or observe bitterness in relationships is found in the reality of the damaging impact it can have on both the person who feels bitter and the person that receives the results of that bitterness.  I watch individuals being torn down.  I see other relationships damaged or destroyed.  I see the harborer of bitterness being destroyed as the bitterness seems to much like a cancer that destroys the person from the inside.

I can see no value in bitterness.  Maybe that is why the Lord emphasized the value of peacemakers, individuals that strive to help others remove the bitterness and anger from their lives.  Together we should strive to eliminate the bitterness of individual’s lives whenever we are given the opportunity.


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  1. This thought made me stop and really evaluate some things in my life… OK now I need to deal with them… Thanks for the spiritual kick in the behind….I needed that….

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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