A Snow Delay   2 comments

Today I did something that I don’t believe I have ever done in my years of working, I took a 2-hour snow delay.  Our local school system called a 2-hour delay because of the heavy, wet snow that we received last night and the impact it had on our roads.  When I heard that the school had made such an announcement at 5:30 this morning, I decided to do the same.  So I crawled back in bed and waited until 7:15 to get back up.  I then went out and cleared the snow from the sidewalks and driveway before starting my normal routine.  What did it cost me?  I was 30 minutes later than normal getting started in the office and had to skip my morning coffee at the coffee shop.

Now the more important question that I ask myself is what did it gain me?  First of all, I was able to gain about an hour of sleep which helps me feel more energized this morning and definitely has given me a positive attitude.  Second, it helped me break out of the monotony of routine.  Sometimes I need to be shaken out of my routine to appreciate other aspects of my life.  Third, it helped me clarify some priorities of my day.

Snowed trees on mount Brocken, Harz, Germany

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You know, I think this is why God established the sabbath.  The Lord knew the value of having a break.  The Lord knew the value of breaking up routine.  Once again, the Lord is way ahead of me.  Some day I might actually figure out that what the Lord tells me to do in the aspects of my life are truly for my benefit.  Until then, I will continue to experience these “Aha” moments.

So I think that I am going to take the school system for my cue.  If a snow delay or snow day comes along, I might just have to take it as a message from God to change my plans.


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  1. Thanks for your great blogs. I’m enjoying reading them every day. Definitely food for thought & I need all the help I can get.

  2. Now wait just a minute! A snow delay or snow day is called when it is not safe enough to travel to and from work. You live across the street from work! You knew you would get flack from me on this one! 🙂 Hope you feel rested and had a great day.

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