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One of the aspects of life that irritates me extremely much is when leaders fail to lead.  For me it is even more disheartening when those leaders are elected by people to represent them and to lead in specific areas.  I view it as a great disservice to both the organization, and more importantly, to the people who have entrusted the leaders with their voice through election.

I think that two realities need to come into play when someone chooses to assume the role of a leader.  The first is having the gifts for leadership.  Not everyone has been given leadership gifts.  Paul reminds us of this when he talks about the different roles that different parts of the body have been given.  (See 1 Corinthians 12)  Through the assistance of the community and the guidance of the Spirit, individuals need to determine if they have been given the gifts of leadership before they pursue or accept the role of a leader.  A leader should not be chosen based on one issue or when “it is their turn.”  A leader should be elected and accept the role when they have the skills and talents to be a leader.

The second reality is that a leader must lead.  No leader should sit idly by and accept all the actions of one person or a small group of people.  A leader must take the time to research the topics and decisions that she/he is called upon to take action.  A leader should hold accountable those who they have been charged to oversee.  A leader should speak up and offer insights and perceptions.  A leader should work with others in defining a course for the organization or entity in which they have a role and not to blindly accept the direction set by a staff member or any other one aspect of the organization.  A leader should question and help discern the proper actions to be taken.  Not every decision of a leader is going to be correct and so in those situations a leader needs to admit the misdirection and help plot a correcting course.

There are many examples of leaders throughout Scripture.  There are examples of reluctant leaders and there are examples of leaders who step up when moved by the Spirit to do so.  There are examples of leaders that lead correctly and examples of leaders who misguide and are destructive.  There are quiet leaders and leaders who can speak eloquently.  The key to successful leadership in Scripture is listening to the voice of the Lord and then to boldly leading.

There is no such thing as passive leadership.  So I call upon all leaders to stand up and lead.  Our times cry out for leaders and it is time that those who have been  elected, appointed, and/or accepted roles of leadership to lead!


3 responses to “Failure To Lead

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  1. and every so once in a while, when a leader seems lost – a follower comes along and says – you’ve been having a bad day – lets try going this way – and the leader takes over again – gets the big picture and is energized by the little things that followers give them – like love

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