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One of the poisons that exists in our world is misinformation.  Sometimes misinformation is shared unintentionally.  A person passes along information that they felt came from a reliable source and appeared to have a level of credibility, only to find out later that it was inaccurate.  The important thing to do in these situations is to go back to those with whom the person has shared the information and to admit that the information was inaccurate.  Then apologize and commit yourself to try to do a better job of verifying information before passing it along.  This type of misinformation is not the poison to which I refer.

The other form of misinformation that is out in our world is inaccurate information or misrepresented information that is deliberately shared.  This type of misinformation has a planned purpose – to lead individuals in a path which benefits the one sharing the information.  This is the poison to which I am referring.  This poison is destructive to individuals and communities just like any other poison.  This misinformation is manipulative and deceptive.  It is shared by individuals who are self-centered and destructive.

This poison has existed since the dawn of time.  The tempter misrepresented information to the first humans which led to the destruction of paradise and damaged their relationship with God.  This type of behavior is recorded again and again throughout the Old Testament.  Even the New Testament has multiple recordings of the use of misinformation to sway individuals and groups, including the use of misinformation in the condemnation of Jesus.

As believers and as conscientious citizens, we need to be diligent in pursuing accurate information.  We need to hold leaders and individuals accountable for the information which they share.  While doing so, we need to acknowledge that not all misinformation is deliberately shared so we must show grace when someone acknowledges that they have given inaccurate or misrepresented information.  However, where we find deliberate attempts at misguiding individuals by using misinformation, we must not allow the practice to continue.


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  1. Great reminder to all of us of the power of our words. Thanks Jim

    Christopher Michaels

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