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Footbridge in Grace Lord Park

One of my constant desires in my life is that I show what I believe.  For me this requires frequent checks to see if my behaviors and attitudes reflect what I believe about the Lord and about my relationship with the Lord.  The truth is that I know that while this may be my desire and may be a goal that I strive to obtain, I am not always successful.  Yet, I continue to press onward and try to make changes so that I grow closer to the goal and/or reclaim the movement that I have made.  So here is a list of beliefs that I try to demonstrate on a regular basis in my behavior and attitude:

  1. The Lord’s love is unconditional so I know that I am loved.
  2. The Lord’s grace is unending so I know there is ALWAYS forgiveness.
  3. The Lord desires me to be successful so my failures are only short-lived lessons in how not to succeed.
  4. The Lord knows me completely so I never have to prove myself to the Lord.
  5. The Lord accepts me as a child of God so I do not have to always be perfect.
  6. The Lord promises to work out all things for the good of those who believe in him so there is always hope.
  7. The Lord sees way beyond what I can see so there is always a plan and a future.
  8. The Lord is greater than anything or anyone in this world so people and events cannot overcome me.
  9. The Lord desires a deep relationship with me so even though others may reject me, the Lord never will.

All of these beliefs can be reduced to a few words – The Lord is all about grace and love.

My hope is that I will continuously demonstrate these beliefs in how I live.  When I fail in doing so, I remember them and know that since it is all about grace and love, another day, another minute, brings another opportunity to live them out again.

May your life truly reflect what you believe!


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  1. I think I need to post this list on my bathroom mirror as a first thing reminder every morning so that I can keep this in the front of my mind and review it as I go to bed each night… Put my goals out in front of me………………………

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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