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Yesterday’s warm weather and today’s talk of rain has got me thinking a lot about spring.  I love spring except that it marks the start of allergy season for me.  However, I love the way that the earth and trees turn green again.  I love watching the flowers come up out of the ground and add color and beauty to the landscape.  I love the sound of birds and the increased activity of people outside.  Spring is a time when I see new life and I feel an increase of hope.

With spring comes the arrival of planting season in Iowa.  I am not fond of all the increased farm equipment that is on the roads during this season but being an Iowa boy, I do enjoy seeing all the activities of planting season.  I enjoy watching the land being worked over and the rich black soil prepared to receive the seeds.  I enjoy watching the young plants sprout up and identifying which fields are soybeans and which are corn.  This is the landscape in which I have spent most of my life.

Planting season causes me to think about the soil.  Having lived most of my life in Iowa, I take rich soil a bit for granted.  I just assume that when I turn over a piece of ground, I am going to find a nice black soil that is ready to receive whatever I am choosing to plant in it.  Having lived a short time in Nebraska, I came to realize that this is not always the case.  I used to live near the sandhills of Nebraska and on my brief visits up into those sandhills, I found a much different type of soil.  The richness of the soil has a big impact on the type of plants that can grow and the quality of plants that are produced.

All of this has reminded me of the story that Jesus told about the seeds and the soil.  He told of the scatter of the seeds on four different types of soil.  Depending on the type of soil on which the seed fell, the outcome of the seed was significantly different.  Ultimately, he pointed out the importance of having good soil on which the seed can fall so that it can take root, develop into a healthy plant, and produce an abundance of seeds.  Jesus was trying to explain the importance of us being rich soil so that the seeds of faith may become rooted in us and produce a great harvest.

I reminded through this story of the importance for me to strive to be good soil.  I have to work the soil of my spirit very carefully, much like a farmer takes very good care of the soil of his/her fields.  I have to make sure that I am prepared to receive the seeds that the Lord scatters on my spirit.  Only then can I truly provide a good harvest for my Lord.


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