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In the days when everyone had land lines for phones, you would occasionally run into situations where a phone was disconnected.  Remember the message that you would get?  “This number is disconnected or no longer in service.  If you feel you have reached this message in error, please hang up, check the number, and dial again.”  Today with many people using cell phones, we run into the issue of “dropped calls.”  This seems to occur when you hit one of those cellular signal dead zones.

These things are on my mind because I have been thinking about what happens when for whatever reason, the conversation ends.  I feel that when individuals consciously or unconsciously stop communicating, there is a strong possibility that the relationship is doomed.  This can happen for a variety of reasons and in all types of relationships.  As I have observed individuals and groups, I find this to be a fact that plays out itself over and over.  Even when the dialogue becomes heated and disagreement is clear, if the dialogue continues, the relationship(s) continue(s).

For me, this reminds me of the importance to keep the dialogue open.  It also reminds me of the importance of learning how to keep a conversation going even when there is strong disagreement between the parties involved.

As I watch many situations in my profession, in the community in which I live, in our nation, I am reminded of the great importance to promote civil discourse.  It is becoming vital that voices speak out and that we raise the expectation of encouraging individuals to remain in conversation with one another.

This is also true in my faith life.  I have to remain in conversation with the Lord on a daily basis if I am going to expect my relationship with the Lord to continue to thrive.  I have to remain in conversation with fellow believers since in those conversations I am challenged and encouraged.  If I truly believe that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord, my God, and the second greatest is to love my neighbor as myself, then I must be committed to maintaining relationships with my Lord and my fellow believers.  If I am committed to maintaining those relationships, then I must be committed to remaining in dialogue with them.

When communication ends, relationships end.


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