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Growing up in the twentieth century and living in the twenty-first century, it is difficult to view myself as a pioneer.  After all, the nineteenth century so the completion of the expansion to the west in the United States.  Today, most of the land on the earth has been settled, or at least explored, in some fashion.  Yet, I have been thinking a lot lately about my role as a pioneer.  Maybe not in the sense of physically exploring and settling a new geographic location, but in the sense of exploring and learning to live into an uncharted area of life.

With the rapidity of change in our world today, I often feel like I am on a raft in the fast-moving waters of a swollen river.  When I am finally able to touch shore for a brief amount of time, the land that I see around me is very unfamiliar at first glance.  When I rejoin the moving water, I am quickly taken farther downstream and experience the same situation continuously.  This carries with it both excitement and fear.  The excitement is due to the fact that opportunities and possibilities seem endless.  The fear is due to the fact that the familiar ways of doing things no longer applies and I am not always sure how to adapt.

I find these things to be a part of every aspect of life.  Whether it is in the home, the church, the work environment, my leisure time, or whatever other venue you can name, I believe we all are pioneers.  We are exploring new territories and have the same uncertainty that the pioneers had when they crossed the Mississippi River or the Rocky Mountains.  Yet like those pioneers, there is something drawing me or pulling me to go into these uncharted lands.

Also like the pioneers of the American West, I know that I do not take this journey alone.  I have fellow travelers that are on the journey with me.  I can converse with them.  I can share ideas.  I can seek their assistance.  I also have the Lord who travels with me.  The Lord will be my compass and at times anchor.  The Lord will provide reassurance and the strength to press forward.

So friends, saddle up the horse, hitch up the wagons, we are heading to an uncharted land.  Aren’t you excited?  Aren’t you a bit afraid?


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