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The laughter of a child

The laughter of a child (Photo credit: cams-not-in-lux)

This morning I was reminded of the great gift that we have in laughter.  It is very easy in life to get so caught up in the serious issues.  Now, I am not discounting the importance of tackling the serious issues in my life but I believe that laughter may help me to keep a perspective on those issues.  I also realize that there are times when laughter is appropriate and times where laughter is not appropriate.  But research shows us that laughter has a very therapeutic value.

This week has been filled with some serious issues that require my attention.  Yet, today I was able to spend some time in laughter.  I felt the change in me.  I found that while the issues still remain, I am able to look at them in a different light.  I had the sensation that the burdens had become lighter in some ways.

The other benefit that I gain from laughter is an encouragement to not take myself so seriously.  Again, it can become very easy in the depths of dealing with serious matters to take myself seriously.  I can get into a mindset where I strive to be some sort of super hero who can take on the burdens of others and see myself as the one that has to fix those issues.  Instead, if I am able to have a little laughter and remind myself that I do not have to constantly focus on the serious issues, I am more capable of becoming a partner with others and assisting with a resolution to the issue.

Laughter is a great gift that God has given to me.  The Lord also has impeccable timing and knows when is best to introduce laughter into my day so that I can have a much better perspective.  Thank you Lord for the gift!


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  1. This helps me to remember to take God’s plan for me seriously… but not to take myself seriously… TY

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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