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Yesterday, I received a less than gentle reminder from the Lord on the tremendous value of prayer.  I may not be that different from many of those who read this blog, I do not always use prayer as the first place I turn when facing a potential problem.  I often becoming wrapped up in the emotions surrounding the problem and begin to create scenarios on how the problem may play out and what I am going to do in each scenario.  Only when I feel unable to resolve the issue do I turn to prayer seeking a power greater than my own abilities.

Yesterday though, something happened.  I am going to give all the credit for the change in my behavior pattern to the Holy Spirit.  When I became aware of a potential problem situation that I may have to deal with, after an initial gut punch reaction, I decided that it would be better to call together some of my faithful prayer warriors.  I asked if we could all sit down for prayer.  They quickly and eagerly responded affirmatively so we set a time to gather.  We sat together and prayed honestly and openly about the situation.  The Lord heard those prayers and took control of the situation.

When I started to prepare for bed last night, I reflected on what had happened throughout the day.  I reflected for a while about the situation which caused me concern and the outcome of the situation.  Then I said to myself, “Look how powerful prayer truly is.  Why do I not use that power more often to begin a situation versus when I am knee-deep in the situation?  Why don’t I gather for prayer with fellow prayer warriors as I face situations more often?”

I hope that I have learned and grown from this experience yesterday.  Honestly, I am afraid that this revelation will drift my memory too easily.  So I prayed this morning that the Lord would remind me of the value of prayer in these situations and that I would be responsive to the nudges of the Spirit instead of ignoring them.



3 responses to “Value of Prayer

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  1. Amen !! I too need the reminder to pray FIRST and then I can skip the anxiety and worry and get to business!!

    Kinser Connie & Jim
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