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One of my vivid memories from my childhood is the first time that I ever rode a roller coaster.  I was young and my parents had decided to take me to an amusement park in the city where they used to live.  It was an older amusement park and even had a wooden roller coaster.  After spending some time watching the roller coaster, my dad asked me if I wanted to ride it with him.  I agreed to go on the ride although with some trepidation.  Dad and I got in the car and the lap belt was fastened around the both of us.  The ride started and my stomach started to churn from the fear as we ascended up the first humongous hill.  Then we crested the top of the hill and started down.  The gravitational force lifted me off the seat and I began to scream.  I don’t remember more details of the ride because I was screaming and holding on for dear life.  When the ride ended, my mom said that as I came off the ride I was as white as a ghost.  It was some time before I rode a roller coaster again.

Some times in life, I feel like I live on a roller coaster.  There are great highs, like that first hill that you climb when on a roller coaster.  Then there are those rapid descents that lead a person to deep valleys.  Much like a roller coaster ride, life can have its great thrills but can also be extremely petrifying.  I question if the lap belt around my waist is really that secure and truly can hold me in place just as I questioned the lap belt on my first roller coaster ride.  I sometimes wish I could get off of life’s ride just as I begged to do so when I rode the roller coaster many years ago.

But just like my dad was with me and reassuring me on the roller coaster, my Lord is with me on life’s roller coaster and offering me reassurance.   The Lord reminds me throughout the ride that it will not last forever but being secure in him will.  The Lord holds me down when I feel that I am about to fly out of the seat.  The Lord will even be there to help me off when I feel too weak at the end of the ride.

I love to ride roller coasters now.  (I must admit that I still am not overly fond of life’s roller coasters though.)  I know that in the Lord, I will be safe no matter what.  So now I try to just enjoy the ride.


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