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This morning I have been running around a lot.  I had to meet some individuals at 9:00 so that moved up the time I went to the coffee shop.  Then I had to get some items organized at the office, respond to some emails and make some plans regarding a group in which I provide leadership.  I am also trying to get ready to attend a meeting for the afternoon.

Do you ever have days when life just seems extremely busy?  Of course you do.  It is during a day like today that it becomes vital to keep your eyes on the Lord so that he can help manuever you through the right course.

With that being said, today’s post is short because it is time for me to head out to my meeting!  Have a great day!


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  1. Well put… Not only is God vital every day, He is even more important when we are too busy!

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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